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Applications closed for 2022. Applications open August 1, 2022 for 2023.

General Information

You may visit the Office of Naval Research's website at http://www.onr.navy.mil/

Saxman One provides support for NREIP on behalf of the Office of Naval Research and can be reached at NREIP@saxmanone.com or (703) 530-9523 ext. 7.


The vast majority of participating labs require you to be a U.S. citizen to intern at their facility. However, there are a few labs who will consider permanent residents. Please visit the Labs page to determine a specific lab's eligibility requirements.

Most labs only accept applicants who are solely U.S. citizens. Those who are dual citizens or permanent residents should consult the Labs page for eligibility requirements for each lab.

Applicants must be on track to acquire a minimum of 31 credits by the end of their Spring semester before their internship start date.

Students attending two-year colleges, who meet the major and credit requirements (majors should be relevant to the lab’s research interests; 31-credit minimum) may be eligible at the laboratory's discretion. Lab requirements vary, so please contact the laboratory you are interested in directly to find out if you qualify.

To receive the level 3 stipend, you must currently be enrolled in graduate school and taking graduate school courses at a US accredited institution (ABET). Proof of graduate school enrollment and current class schedule is required.

To be eligible for the $11,000 stipend level, you must currently be enrolled as a full-time graduate student and have already completed your undergraduate courses to receive this level.

No, you must be a high school graduate (or equivalent) to participate in NREIP. High school students can apply to the SEAP program.

Students graduating the Spring semester before the summer internship are eligible to apply. Students expected to graduate the Winter semester before the summer internship, are not eligible.

Terms of Appointment

Housing allowances are not provided. Acquiring housing for the duration of the program is the responsibility of the student. Navy host personnel and lab coordinators may be able to assist you in finding suitable housing.

Stipends are set to $7,000 for new undergraduate participants, $8,500 for returning undergraduate students, and $11,000 for graduate students. The stipends are split into payments made to the student throughout the duration of their appointment. Stipends will be paid bi-weekly via direct deposit from the first day you start working at the lab.

NREIP does not provide medical/health benefits. You are responsible for your own medical/health insurance.
NREIP does not provide transportation or transportation allowances. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the lab. Students will not be reimbursed for any transportation costs.
Depending on your placement with your lab, you may be asked to travel out of state to attend meetings, conferences, or site visits. Any expenses incurred as a result of work-related travel should be covered by your sponsoring lab.
Vacation time will not be approved by the lab. It is expected that all apprentices will complete eight consecutive 40-hour work weeks (excluding weeks containing holidays).
Consult your lab coordinator about their lab's sick policy.
Participants are required to work five days a week, 40 hours per week, not to exceed 400 hours over a 10-week period. Interns will only receive a stipend for the hours that they actually worked and for federal holidays.
Please refer to the Labs page to see the responsibilities for interns at each lab.
Yes, you are required to provide quad charts detailing your summer work. This will be presented during your lab's closing activities. Visit the Labs page to see activities that you can expect to participate in.

Application Process

When the application period is open, APPLY will appear in the navigation above.

The summer internship application period begins August 1st. If you would like updates about the program and notification of when the application period opens, please sign up for our mailing list.

The application period closes at 11:59 PM ET on November 1st of every year.

After your application is received, it is submitted to the Navy laboratories that you selected on your application. The lab research staff reviews the application and makes a decision based on your academic background, research interests, personal statement, and recommendations.

Awards and Non-awards are typically sent out to students from December to March (following the close of the application).

You may apply up to two particular labs. You can also choose to apply to all participating labs at the same time. Please note that should you select the “All labs” option on your application, you may be selected by labs that are not in your region.

You will only have the option to participate at labs that have extended an offer to you. You will not be reassigned to a new location once an award has been extended.

Your transcripts are an extremely important part of your application. A current copy of your transcript must be uploaded when submitting your application.

Visit your Registrar and request a copy of your unofficial transcript in PDF format or you can scan a printed copy.

Please ensure your name, address, email and phone number are accurate and up to date. This will be used to notify you of your award status and for accessing your application and processing tax documents.

While completing your application you will be asked for your references’ names and email addresses. Once the reference section of your application is complete, your references will receive an email explaining the procedure for submitting recommendations to Saxman One. References need to be uploaded by the reference provider by November 1ST at 10 PM EST.

NOTE: These emails are automatically generated and may be blocked or labeled as spam. It is important that applicants follow up with their references to ensure that this email is received. Only Letters of Recommendation uploaded by the references will be accepted.

It is recommended that you choose, for each reference, a teacher or any person who can attest to your scientific and engineering skills and knowledge.

You will receive an automatic email once your references are submitted. You can also sign into the applicant portal and see the status for each submission.

You will find a description of each lab’s research areas, objectives and background by visiting the Labs page for lab details.

Please email the NREIP help desk Saxman One to inquire if it is possible to update your application.

Security Clearance

Yes. Once the labs select their summer interns, ONLY selected students will undergo background checks for security purposes. All internships are contingent upon lab security approval.

There are multiple labs which require their students to receive SECRET security clearances. ONLY selected students, who have signed the Terms & Conditions, will begin the security clearance process. The process usually takes many months to receive an interim clearance. Students will be informed at every step. This is why students' contact information should be kept up-to-date. It is very important that all security forms be completed in an extremely timely manner due to the continuing backlog at OPM.

NOTE: All internships are contingent upon lab's security approval. Most labs will not let you start unless you have at least an interim clearance.

There are several reasons why a student may not receive an interim security clearance. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Defense Security Service (DSS) review all security clearance applications thoroughly. Students should take the clearance process very seriously. All students applying should review the following Interim Clearances for Industrial Personnel (PDF) (4pp, 31 KB, About PDF). Students should review the document for possible reasons why an interim clearance may be denied.


Saxman One will not withhold taxes from your stipend. Saxman One will provide you and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with the informational Form 1099-MISC recording the amount paid to you during the tax year. Under current laws and regulations, independent contractors are responsible for submitting quarterly estimates of income taxes to the IRS and paying the amounts due. You may have a similar liability with respect to state and/or local taxes depending upon the state and/or locality where you reside.

You are considered guest researchers and are not considered employed by either the United States Government, the Department of Defense, the US Navy, the Office of Naval Research, any ONR lab or Saxman One. If you have further tax questions, please contact the IRS, as Saxman One is prohibited from giving tax advice.